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Shinjuku: Gyukatsu
There are lines to
get into Motomura
day and night, and
it's easy to under-
stand why once
you've tasted their
very popular gyukat-
su (deep-fried beef
cutlet). Served rare
in the middle with a
thin, crunchy layer
of breading around
it, the lightly
marbled beef is
tender and very
flavorful. Season it
to taste with rock
salt, pepper, onion
sauce, soy sauce and
wasabi; you can even
grill it for a min-
ute on the small
hibachi at your
table or counter.

A single portion of
beef, with a set
meal of rice, soup,
potato salad, cab-
bage and pickles, is
Y1200; add an extra
Y700 for a double-
sized portion of
beef, and Y100 for a
side dish of grated
yam for dipping. No
reservations or
credit cards;
menus are available,
along with rather
detailed instruc-
tions on how to eat
your gyukatsu.
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Shinjuku-ku, Shin-
juku 3-32-2 B1F.
Open 11am-10pm
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