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Yotsuya: Izakaya
Deep-fried kushiage
skewers and gyukatsu
(beef cutlet) are
matched with asser-
tive sakes at this
casual basement
izakaya. Seasonal
shellfish and vege-
tables make up most
of the kushiage
selection, and
everything is skill-
fully prepared - the
vegetables crisp and
fresh-tasting, the
coatings crunchy and
free of oiliness.

Sashimi and izakaya-
style small side
dishes round out the
menu, one of the
highlights being the
intensely flavored,
miso-based motsu-
nikomi (beef organ-
meat stew).

At lunchtime the
menu is very simple
- gyukatsu teishoku
is the only thing
they serve. It's a
nice version too:
the beef is properly
rare in the middle
and crunchy on the
outside, with a bit
more fat than usual
to add extra flavor.
Salt, ponzu and soy
sauce are provided
for dipping, along
with a mound of
wasabi. The side
dish - fried tofu
ball with vegetables
- makes this a well-
balanced meal.

There are six craft
sake to choose from,
including some sea-
sonal specials, as
well as shochu and
beer. Budget around
Y3000-4000 in the
evening, Y1000 at
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Shinjuku-ku, Yot-
suya 1-20, Koizumi
Bldg B1F. Open
11:30am-2, 5-10pm
(LO). Closed
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