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Dominique Ansel/
Harajuku: Bakery
The popular New
York-based bakery
Dominique Ansel is
best known as the
inventor of the
cronut, the
combination that
took New York by
storm when it was
first introduced. In
addition to cronuts,
which sell briskly
until they're all
gone, pastry dare-
devils can try fro-
zen s'mores, mini-
ature meringues,
tiny cheesecakes,
and "cookie shots" -
warm, moist
chocolate-chip cook-
ies baked in the
shape of a shot-
glass and filled
with vanilla-infused

Upstairs, the
second-floor "Petit
Park" cafe (open
from 9am) offers a
wider menu, includ-
ing excellent lob-
ster rolls (Y1800) -
small sandwiches
made with fresh
lobster tail meat
served on lightly
toasted butter-
soaked buns. There's
also a "molten ome-
lette souffle,"
homemade caesar
salad, and brunch-
style toasted-sand-
wich variations with
evocative names like
SoHo, Nolita and
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Nearest restau-

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Shibuya-ku, Jingu-
mae 5-7-14. Open
8am-7pm daily.
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