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Iidabashi: Japanese
If you don't mind
the informal set-
ting, this unpreten-
tious back-alley
izakaya is a great
place to explore the
mysterious delights
of horsemeat sushi
and other raw-meat
delicacies. The ten-
piece Kagurazaka
sushi platter
(Y3200) is a good
starting point - it
includes a few dif-
ferent cuts of horse
along with lightly
seared chicken and
raw wagyu beef, all
prepared as sushi.

If you want to sup-
plement with indi-
vidual pieces, the a
la carte menu offers
beef, chicken and
lamb options as well
as several cuts of
horse. We can whole-
heartedly recommend
the rich "foie gras"
sushi. To balance
your diet and com-
plement the meaty
fare, you can choose
from a selection of
fresh vegetable
dishes - ripe avoca-
do sashimi (with
pungent wasabi), raw
turnip chunks and
crisp cucumbers
served with miso

Drinks are reason-
ably priced and
include a few pre-
mium sake brands as
well as beer and
shochu. Nikuzushi is
located in the mid-
dle of an ancient-
looking alleyway
full of tiny drink-
ing spots. There are
around six counter
seats on the ground
floor and three
small tables up-
stairs, reached via
a steep and narrow
stairway. Although
it may seem like a
casual, walk-in kind
of spot, reserva-
tions are recom-
mended if you're
visiting at dinner-
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Shinjuku-ku, Kagu-
razaka 1-14, Michi-
saku Yokocho.
Open 5pm-5am (Sun 4-
12) daily.
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