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Yotsuya 3-chome: Bar
It's like a party in
a chemistry lab
every night at Sci-
ence Bar Incubator.
Drinks are served in
beakers and erlen-
meyer flasks, food
is heated on wire-
mesh stands over
alcohol lamps, and
customers can change
into white lab coats
for the duration of
their visit. A tast-
ing flight of red
wine in a test-tube
rack makes a cute
photo op, as does
the biology-lab
microscope that's
set up at one end of
the bar.

Incubator's Y500
cover charge in-
cludes a snack (we
were served several
figs in a big test
tube) and optional
use of a lab coat.
After that drinks
are priced fairly
normally - for exam-
ple wine by the
glass starts at Y750
and a 300ml Pyrex
beaker of beer is
Y900. The food menu
features items like
oysters, tofu and
tomato salad with
avocado oil, and
cheese fondue heated
over a lamp.
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Shinjuku-ku, Ara-
kicho 7. Open
6pm-2am. Closed
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