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Ginza: Antenna shop
A huge selection of
craft sake from
Ishikawa Prefecture
is sold in the base-
ment of this three-
story shop - well
over 100 varieties,
including some two
dozen sakes in con-
venient one-cup
serving sizes. The
basement also houses
a budget-friendly
dining counter where
you can order a
five-item set menu
of Western dishes
featuring local
Ishikawa ingredients
for just Y1500. Sake
is extremely reason-
able at Y800 for a
270ml (1.5 go) serv-

Fresh and frozen
ingredients, candies
and other prepared
foods are sold on
the main floor, with
a small cafe area up
on the second floor.
Upstairs you'll also
find a huge variety
of local Ishikawa-
ken crafts - color-
ful Kutani-yaki
pottery, beautiful
lacquerware, wood
and paper crafts,
and items covered in
gold leaf, a major
local industry.

The basement dining
area is open 11am-3,
5-8:30pm (LO),
closed Sundays. The
cafe is open 10am-
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Nearest restau-

Nearest cafes/

Chuo-ku, Ginza 2-
2-18. Open 10am-
9pm daily.
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