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Queen of Chickens/
Shimbashi: Italian
This lively after-
work drinking spot
is called "Queen of
Chickens" - and what
more do you need to
know? Well, if you
must have details,
they serve a lovely
roast chicken, fla-
vored with rosemary,
garlic and various
secret herbs (so we
were told), for just
Y1880. Wines start
at Y2700 per bottle.
Your Y680 (per per-
son) table charge
sounds hefty, but it
entitles you to a
bottomless serving
of bagna calda, with
refills of both
seasonal vegetables
and the warm
sauce, which doubles
as a tasty dip for
the roast potatoes
that arrive along-
side your chicken.

The only downside -
Queen of Chickens'
very attractive
prices mean that
reservations are a
must, as both the
ground-floor main
shop and the second-
floor "guest house"
fill to capacity
most weeknights.
Budget around Y3000
for ample food and
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Minato-ku, Shimba-
shi 3-8-8.  Open
11:30am-1:30, 5-10:
30pm (LO). Closed
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