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Otemachi: Curry
The healthy and
quite tasty Japanese
curries here are
heavy on the vegeta-
bles - in fact the
special of the house
promises a full
day's ration of
vegetables. The shop
itself is decorated
in a whimsical
theme - portable
lanterns, backpacks,
thermos bottles -
and most dishes are
served on miniature
iron skillets.

Unlike their smaller
main branch in Yoyo-
gi, they also offer
several non-curry
main and side
dishes, but it's
generally best to
stick to the cur-
ries. The drinks
menu features ten
budget wines, priced
from Y2200-2800 per
bottle (or Y500 per
glass). Lunch and
dinner curry sets
start at Y1000, and
other entrees start
at around Y1700.
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Chiyoda-ku, Otema-
chi 1-5-5, Otemachi
Tower Ootemori B2F.
 Open 11am-10pm
(LO) daily.
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