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Harajuku: American
There's great
American-style bar-
becue and a nice
collection of a
dozen craft beers to
wash it down at this
cozy bar-restaurant
located halfway
along Cat Street.
Weekday lunches
start at Y1000, and
during the evening
you can snack on
sandwiches (from
Y1200) or indulge in
mains like their
voluminous four-meat
platter with two
side dishes (Y3800
for two people). In
addition to beer,
the bar carries
well-chosen craft
bourbons and other
artisanal liquors.
The soundtrack leans
heavily towards the

The main barbecue
items here are
Kansas-style baby
back pork ribs, very
tender espresso-
rubbed beef brisket
(slow-cooked for
eleven hours),
chopped pork (simi-
lar to pulled pork),
and chicken. You can
enjoy them all with
a fantastic lineup
of house-produced
sauces - porter
pepper (made with
craft-brew porter
from TY Harbor); a
very peppery Caroli-
na vinegar sauce;
house pit sauce and
"Voodoo Hot" sauce -
each with unique,
complex flavors and
all of them packing
a punch.

Other menu choices
include the Smoke-
house cheeseburger,
grilled Yamagata
sausages, various
sandwiches (chopped
pork and cole slaw,
smoked bacon BLT,
tuna salad), and
side dishes like
macaroni and cheese,
garlicky sauteed
fresh spinach in
cream sauce, black-
bean chili, and
okra-tomato stew.
Topping things off
is a range of origi-
nal desserts - bana-
na cream pudding
(made with imported
Nilla Wafers!), very
creamy peanut-butter
pie, pecan pie and

The restaurant is
produced by chef
David Chiddo and the
folks at TY Harbor
Brewery, which sup-
plies six of the
bar's draft beers;
the other half dozen
are from well-re-
spected craft brew-
ers such as Bear
Republic and North
Island. The wine
list is short but
efficient, with five
reds and five whites
all priced at Y5000
per bottle, and one
red and one white by
the glass.

Open 11:30am-10pm on
weekends. "Nilla
Wafer" is a trade-
mark of Nabisco.
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Shibuya-ku, Jingu-
mae 5-17-13. Open
11:30am-3, 5:30-10pm
(LO) daily.
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