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Kagoshima Yuraku-
Hibiya: Antenna shop
This rather large
antenna shop sells a
good variety of
local food products
from Kagoshima Pre-
fecture, including
freshly made
satsuma-age (deep-
fried vegetable- and
fishcakes). Ready-
made kakuni and
tonkotsu stews made
with local Berkshire
pork can be found in
the freezer cabinet
alongside charcoal-
grilled chicken and
frozen fish.

There's also an
impressive selection
of shochu, and a bit
of fresh produce
(mostly yams). Up on
the second floor is
a Kagoshima restau-
rant, and on the
third floor there's
a local craft shop.
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Chiyoda-ku, Yura-
kucho 1-6-4, Chiyoda
Bldg 1-3F, 9F.
Open 10am-8pm (Sat,
Sun -7pm) daily.
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