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Ginza: Dim sum
The showpiece at
this dim sum spe-
cialist is a color-
ful platter of eight
different xiao long
bao (shoronpo),
representing exotic
flavors like foie
gras, truffles,
cheese and Szechuan
pepper. You can also
choose from a menu
of typical Chinese
delicacies, or a
simple bowl of noo-
dles if that's all
you want. Don't be
put off by the rath-
er plain noodle-shop
decor on the ground
floor - the basement
dining area is quite
a bit fancier.
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Chuo-ku, Ginza 3-
2-15, Ginza Glasse
1F/B1F.  Open
11am-3, 3-9:45pm
(LO) daily.
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