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Okubo: Ainu
Ezo venison, salmon,
scallops, potatoes
and mountain vegeta-
bles - all freshly
imported from Hok-
kaido - are prepared
in simple fashion to
bring out their
wholesome, natural
flavors here at
Tokyo's only Ainu
restaurant. Similar
to Hokkaido country-
style cooking, Ainu
cuisine uses a bit
more garlic, ginger
and spices while
focusing on seasonal
local vegetables and
other ingredients.

Some standout dishes
include a stunning
grilled venison with
ponzu (even better
than the venison
steak); pan-fried
scallops, asparagus
and bacon; and gar-
lic fried rice with
scallops and mustard
greens. We also
loved the gyoza
dumplings stuffed
with kitopiro, a
wild garlic-like
grass similar to
nira and only one of
the several mysteri-
ous food names on
the menu that we had
to ask about.

Drinks include a few
different Hokkaido
sakes as well as
shochu and beer.
Like many of its
neighboring Okubo
shops, HaruKor fea-
tures extremely
casual decor and
cheap prices - bud-
get around Y2500 for
food and drink.
(Note that the res-
taurant moved to new
quarters in June
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Shinjuku-ku, Hya-
kunincho 1-10-1.
Open 5pm-midnight
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