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Otemachi: Yakitori
While dinner at
Birdland's Michelin-
starred main branch
in Ginza can be a
bit daunting, this
Marunouchi outpost
is much more access-
ible, while still
offering exception-
ally high-quality
ingredients and
professional ser-
vice. Despite the
name, the menu fea-
tures grilled pork
and lamb, fantastic
duck with leek, and
a good assortment of
vegetables in addi-
tion to the excel-
lent chicken.

Other specialties of
the house include a
tasty liver pate,
oyako-don, grilled
cheese, and tofu
salad. And specials
of the day are al-
ways worth checking
out. Drinks options
cover both sake and
wine by the glass or
bottle, with some
unusual selections
such as Gruner Velt-
liner. Budget around
Y5-6000 at dinner-
time, Y1500 for
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Chiyoda-ku, Maru-
nouchi 1-4-1, iiyo!!
B1F. Open 11am-1:
30, 5-10:30pm.
Closed weekends.
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