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Located in the mid-
dle of Takadanoba-
ba's bustling "iza-
kaya alley," Sakaeya
is by far the fanci-
est drinking spot in
this budget-con-
scious, student-
filled neighborhood.
It delivers excel-
lent value for mon-
ey, serving top-
quality charcoal-
grilled meats, crea-
tive seasonal dishes
and decent sake for
a very reasonable
budget of around
Y4000 per person.

Pretty much every-
thing on the menu
that we tried was
outstanding, but if
we had to pick one
"don't miss" dish it
would probably be
the charcoal-grilled
beef topped with
toasted garlic -
tender, amazingly
flavorful, and defi-
nitely a bargain at
just Y500 a plate.
The grilled chicken
dishes (made with
heirloom-breed birds
from Miyazaki) are
also quite extraor-
dinary, with the
crisp-skinned wings
and the richly fla-
vored shiro-reba
("white liver")
particularly memor-

Even a simple dish
like our starter
salad was inspired -
chopped cucumbers,
tart ume paste,
chunks of cabbage
and sesame salt, all
perfectly fresh and
perfectly balanced.
And our grilled
asparagus and shii-
take mushrooms were
a revelation - top-
grade specimens that
were much finer than
anything we've seen
in our local super-

The sake selection
is reliably good -
certainly above
average, although
this isn't a sake
specialty shop.
Service is friendly
and competent, and
the counter seating
is comfortable; they
also have private
rooms upstairs, and
can accommodate
large parties.
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Shinjuku-ku, Taka-
danobaba 3-4-16,
Dai-ni Futaba Bldg
1-2F. Open 5pm-
11:30pm (LO; -12:
30am Fri, Sat)
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