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Le Petit Marche/
Roppongi: French
A veteran of a
three-starred Miche-
lin restaurant in
France, Chef Habuchi
has here opened a
more casual spot
serving neo-bistro
fare, with an empha-
sis on aged meats,
game meats in season
and market-fresh
vegetables. At din-
nertime mains start
at Y1200 and feature
items like bouilla-
baisse of the day,
home-made andouil-
lette sausages, and
aged cuts of pork
and beef grilled on
the wood-burning

Wines are imported
directly from pro-
ducers, and start at
just Y440 per glass
(Y300 during happy
hour), or you can
order from the wine-
shop sommelier at
retail prices plus
Y2000 corkage per
bottle. Lunch runs
Y1000-1500; budget
Y4000-5000 for din-
ner with drinks.
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Minato-ku, Roppon-
gi 6-1-12, 21 Rop-
pongi Bldg 2F. 
Open 11:30am-2:30,
5:30-10:30pm (LO)
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