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Brooklyn Parlor/
Shinjuku: Cafe
Whether you're here
for a dessert break,
a casual evening
meal, or an after-
noon working on your
laptop, Brooklyn
Parlor supplies a
fun, bustling back-
drop. Unlike Tokyo's
many quiet, hidden-
away cafes, here it
feels like you've
stumbled onto the
hub of a social
scene. Of course all
the standard cafe
needs are provided
for - free wifi; hip
background music;
tons of magazines
and books on art,
design and fashion;
good espresso bever-
ages, interesting
cocktails and very
affordable wines.

There are also some
special touches,
like Brooklyn Lager
on tap and Hitachino
Nest beer by the
bottle. The food
menu is gourmet cafe
fare - scones and
almond pancakes,
serious burgers, and
very nice quiches
and salads. The
burgers are also
available to take
out - perhaps con-
venient for a picnic
in nearby Shinjuku
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Shinjuku-ku, Shin-
juku 3-1-26, Shinju-
ku Marui Annex B1F.
Open 11:30am-11:
30pm daily.
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