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Patisserie Potager/
Naka-Meguro: Bakery
If you love dessert
but also love vege-
tables, this unique
pastry shop is the
place for you. Sam-
ple tempting crea-
tions like avocado
cheesecake, buck-
wheat chai mousse,
arugula jelly with
black-sesame and
soy-milk mousse, and
daikon and yuzu
mousse wrapped in
chocolate. There's a
twenty-seat open-air
terrace cafe in
front of the shop
where you can relax
with a cup of tea or
coffee along with
your vegetable-based
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Meguro-ku, Kami-
Meguro 2-44-9. 
Open 10am-8pm (LO 7:
30) daily.
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