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Nagi Golden Gai/
Shinjuku: Ramen
Dried baby sardines
(niboshi) have been
a common ingredient
in ramen for many
years. It wasn't
until recently,
though, that ramen
chefs began using
them in abundance.
The tiny fish have a
very bitter flavor,
and cooking them too
long will ruin any-
thing. So when a
shop comes along
that is able to
extract as much
smoky, fishy taste
from their niboshi
as possible, fans

Golden Gai, in Shin-
juku's Kabukicho
entertainment dis-
trict, is a sight to
behold. With more
bars per square
meter than anywhere
else in the world,
you wouldn't expect
an amazing ramen
shop. But there it
is, up on the second
floor. Just look for
the ever-present
line. Feel free to
drink before coming
here, niboshi ramen
is an amazing hang-
over preventative

The menu is simple,
go for either the
niboshi ramen (Y820)
or the niboshi ramen
with egg (Y920).
Squeeze in with the
other happy slurp-
ers, and enjoy some
of the strongest
soup in Tokyo. The
noodles are rough as
well, curly flat
noodles that soak up
just the right
amount of the soup.
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Shinjuku-ku, Kabu-
kicho 1-1-10-2F.
Open 24 hours a
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