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Shibuya: Izakaya
Occupying the second
floor of a newish
office building,
Nakamura is a very
tastefully appointed
modern izakaya, with
sophisticated light-
ing and sleek fur-
nishings. A full
crew of chefs work
in the open kitchen
area behind the
massive central
counter, which is
the most entertain-
ing place to sit.
There's also a big
shared table off to
one side and several
private dining
rooms. The food is
the sort of original
seasonal cuisine
that's popular in
upscale dining bars,
and there's a good
sake list to match.

The attention to
visual appearances
extends from the
decor to the food -
everything coming
out of the kitchen
is artfully arranged
and appetizingly
presented. The em-
phasis is on pre-
mium, seasonal in-
gredients prepared
with clever original
flourishes. Our
nicely peppery
grilled chicken was
served with a giant
ume plum; the sea-
sonal grilled vege-
tables came with a
captivating side
dish of chunky miso
and ground meat; and
the seafood salad
featured a whole
cold baked onion at
its heart.

The two dozen or so
sake selections are
also quite good,
balanced between
familiar names and
lesser-known brewer-
ies. Unfortunately
the service, while
not bad, wasn't
quite up to the same
standards as the
food and decor.
Reservations are
essential, and the
staff will call on
the day of the book-
ing to confirm.
Budget around Y6000
for ample food and
drink at dinnertime
- all in all excel-
lent value for mon-
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Shibuya-ku, Shi-
buya 3-13-5, Ipuse
Bldg 2F-B. Open
6-11:30pm (LO)
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