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Manaita is a small,
friendly neighbor-
hood izakaya with a
very good sake se-
lection. The decor
is totally unpreten-
tious, with seating
at a slightly
cramped counter
that's occupied by
local customers who
seem to all know
each other. The
wide-ranging menu is
hand-written (and
can be rather diffi-
cult to decipher),
offering everything
from grilled meats
and fish to inexpen-
sive rice dishes and
teishoku fare.

Some highlights from
a recent visit in-
cluded grilled anago
eel, yakitori made
with jidori chicken,
and nama-fu (Kyoto-
style wheat gluten
cakes) grilled with
miso dengaku-style.

We also had a vege-
table tempura that
was a bit oilier
than we would have
hoped, but the huge
warm-vegetable plat-
ter, with at least
ten different sea-
sonal vegetables,
was a winner. From
the menu description
we had expected a
bagna cauda-style
anchovy sauce, but
what we got were
several whole ancho-
vies scattered among
the vegetables - a
pleasant surprise.

We ordered our first
tokkuri of sake from
the menu but after
that the owner took
the lead, suggesting
sakes that would
pair well with our
food (including a
sturdy nigori that
stood up well to the
anchovies). Budget
around Y6000 for a
very filling meal
with ample sake and
a few beers.
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Shinjuku-ku, Taka-
danobaba 3-33-3.
Open 6pm-midnight.
Closed Sundays.
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