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Hatagaya: Ramen
Hototogisu is a
little hard to find.
It's located in a
suburb a few sta-
tions west of Shin-
juku, down a local
shopping street, and
in a nondescript
alleyway. They usu-
ally have a line,
which is the only
indication of any-
thing existing
there. But therein
lies the beauty of
ramen. Hototogisu
could make a killing
with a bigger shop
in a busier part of
town, but they
choose to stay,
despite the count-
less awards and

Hototogisu blends a
clear, meaty soup
with a soup made
from Japanese clams.
The flavors are full
of umami, and very
refreshing. But what
gives them their
edge is the excel-
lent flavoring of
the toppings. The
shoyu ramen (Y800)
and the shio ramen
(Y850) are both
excellent and quite
different. Though
they use the same
base soup, the shoyu
is accented with
homemade porcini
mushroom flakes and
oil, while the shio
ramen is paired with
truffle oil. Both of
these bowls have a
deep earthy taste
that has most pa-
trons drinking every
last drop.

On Sundays they're
open only at lunch-
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Shibuya-ku, Hata-
gaya 2-47-12.
Open 11:30am-3, 6:
30-10pm. Closed Thu;
Fri; Sun eve.
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