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Fireking Cafe/
Yoyogi-Uehara: Cafe
With its lively,
spacious dining
room, well-stocked
bar and good food,
Fireking has estab-
lished itself as the
hub of Uehara night-
life since its open-
ing in 2000. It's
busy until late at
night with an eclec-
tic and hip crowd,
and it's a popular
lunch spot as well.
The food menu is
reasonably priced
and international in
scope, ranging from
grilled chicken and
swordfish to Thai
and Indonesian stan-

The cafe is named
after the Fire-King
brand of tableware,
popular in the US in
the mid-twentieth
century, which the
cafe has a large
collection of.
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Shibuya-ku, Uehara
1-30-8. Open 11:
30am-2am daily.
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