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Roppongi Hills:
Nothing stimulates
the appetite like
the words "all-you-
can-eat dim sum,"
and the Grand
Hyatt's Chinaroom
certainly succeeds
in satisfying.
Choose from a selec-
tion of thirty dim
sum items plus des-
serts for a reason-
able Y4200 (lunch
only, until 2:30 on
weekdays and 3:30 on
weekends). The tasty
morsels are served
in pairs, so it's
possible for a party
of two to sample the
entire menu.

For those too shy to
ask for one of
everything, the
various steamed
dishes are all high-
ly recommended -
bite-sized cha siew
bao, sweet and savo-
ry pork buns; chewy
shou lum bao (sho-
ronpo), pork dump-
lings filled with a
spoonful of broth
and a dash of gin-
ger; charmingly
demure ha gow,
shrimp dumplings
accented with a
sliver of bamboo

The Hong Kong-style
onion pancakes are
light and crispy, a
novel treat. The
pan-fried turnip
cakes are wonderful-
ly textured and
frankly addictive.
Although the several
varieties of deep-
fried spring rolls
lacked distinctive
character, the
sticky rice and
dried shrimp puffs
inspired a spirited
debate. Contrary to
its somewhat stodgy
description, the
thinly sliced boiled
beef on wilted let-
tuce was tender and

The wine menu,
though mainly com-
prised of Chardonnay
and Sauvignon Blanc,
also includes some
interesting Rie-
slings and other
varietals like Viog-
nier and Gerwurtz-
traminer. Bottles
start around Y6000,
with several nice
selections in the
Y7000 - Y9000 range.

The stylish main
dining area, deco-
rated with mirrored
glass surfaces and
illuminated leaf-
patterned panels,
seats around fifty
and features three
intimate booth ta-
bles. Private rooms
are also available.
Prices are subject
to a 10% service
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Minato-ku, Roppon-
gi 6-10-3, Grand
Hyatt 6F. Open
11:30am-2:30, 6-10pm
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