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Ebisu: Izakaya
The WID restaurant
group (Aburi Fudo,
Torimikura) does an
excellent job creat-
ing small-scale,
comfortable izakaya
with great food,
nice sake lists, and
simple but stylish
decor. We're glad to
say that Kamachiya
is no exception.
Menus vary from shop
to shop, and here
the food specialties
are charcoal-grilled
kushiyaki-style fish
and meats, deep-
fried and skewered
kushiage, and a
credible seafood-
broth ramen.

During a recent
visit some menu
highlights were the
spicy cucumber and
bean-sprout starter,
skewers of perfectly
grilled pork belly,
kushiage-style quail
eggs and asparagus,
and Okinawan champu-
ru stir-fry, a hefty
portion which in-
cluded big tender
chunks of chicken
mixed in with the
tofu and goya. We
received sound ad-
vice on sake choices
throughout the eve-
ning, and were
pleasantly surprised
by a nicely priced
Juyondai that wasn't
even on the menu.
Budget around Y4000-
5000 for dinner and
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Shibuya-ku, Ebisu-
Nishi 1-14-9.
Open 11:30am-4, 6pm-
2am daily.
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