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Naka-Meguro: Mexican
Top-quality Tex-Mex
food is pretty rare
in Tokyo, so Junka-
delic is an exciting
find. The owner
lived in San Diego
for several years,
and the kitchen
turns out credible
versions of the Tex-
Mex standards found
in that part of the
world, plus a few
surprises. Although
the Naka-Meguro
location is off the
beaten track, the
good food, frendly
service and very
relaxed atmosphere
make it worth a
special trip.

The menu starts off
with familiar stan-
dards like fajitas
(your choice of corn
or flour tortillas),
burritos, enchila-
das, tacos, quesa-
dillas, and chimi-
changas. Digging a
bit deeper, you'll
also find nice chili
rellenos (mild chili
peppers stuffed with
meat), seafood empa-
nada (reminiscent of
a Mexican-style
Chinese stir-fry),
and arroz con cama-
rones (Mexican rice
with fantastic plump
shrimps and two
different chili

One of our favorite
dishes here is the
birria - a hearty
lamb stew made with
tender meat and lots
of vegetables in a
rich sauce. It's not
on the regular menu
but you can often
find it on the spe-
cials board, which
is always worth
studying. Another
recommendation is
the juicy sauteed
shrimp in garlic,
which is far more
onion- and cilantro-
oriented than the
Spanish version of
this dish that's so
popular in Tokyo
these days.

Pretty much every-
thing we've tried
here is good. Our
only complaint is
that the food just
isn't spicy enough -
most of the dishes
are toned down quite
a bit compared the
versions you'd find
in Southern Califor-
nia. If you like it
hot, we'd suggest a
side order of jala-
penos (Y300) to add
to your dishes.

The dining area is
anchored by an open
kitchen to one side
and an equally big
bar in back, a hint
that the drinks
selection is just as
important as the
food. Of course
you'll find margari-
tas, along with some
20 kinds of tequila
by the shot. More
surprisingly there
are also 20 twenty
kinds of premium
rum. You can choose
from several Mexican
beers, but our pick
is the Liberty Ale,
an American craft
beer that goes very
well with the food.

The atmosphere at
Junkadelic is com-
fortably bohemian -
more funk than junk
really, and the kind
of place where cus-
tomers sport knit
caps and goatees.
There's a small DJ
setup and a decent
sound system, with
music ranging from
Latin to country to
jam bands. The spa-
cious dining room
was cobbled together
behind an old store-
front on an obscure
back street. It's
easy to find though
- just walk from
Naka-Meguro station
along the right side
of the tracks to-
wards Yutenji for
about five or six
minutes and you're
there. Budget around
Y2000-4000 for din-
ner with drinks.
(English menus,
English spoken.)
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Meguro-ku, Kami-
Meguro 4-10-4.
Open 6pm-2am. Closed
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