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Shibuya: Kyushu
Tamoiyanse is seri-
ous about shochu.
The bar stocks more
than fifty varieties
of the traditional
Kyushu drink, and
one entire wall is
covered with a giant
shochu menu, while
another wall is
devoted to shochu
labels. But even if
you stick to oolong
tea, Tamoiyanse does
some of the best
southern Kyushu
cooking in Tokyo and
is well worth a
visit for the food

If you've a novice
the friendly staff
is ready to help you
navigate the menu
(although both menu
and help are exclu-
sively in Japanese).
Shochu brands are
evenly divided be-
tween Miyazaki and
Kagoshima Prefec-
tures; as a rule of
thumb, Miyazaki
shochu is smoother,
while the stuff from
Kagoshima is funkier
and more intensely
flavored. Our favor-
ite of the night was
the relatively
smooth Kurokoji
Mannen from Miyazaki
(Y550), which we had
on the rocks. Shochu
prices range from
Y500 for the more
obscure brands to
Y1000 and more for
well-known labels.

The "shochu quick
starter menu" offers
some wonderful egg-
plant slices pickled
in wasabi, and the
simple but satisfy-
ing "kyabe-kyu" -
raw cabbage and
cucumber dipped into
the house-special
sweet miso paste.
More substantial
dishes include an
excellent tonkotsu-
ni, a traditional
southern Kyushu dish
made from chunks of
pork stewed in sho-
chu overnight, until
the bone is soft
enough to chew. Most
of the pork, chick-
en, fish and vegeta-
bles here are flown
in fresh from Kyu-
shu, with katsuo
(bonito) from the
Miyazaki coastal
waters one of the

The decor here is
simple but stylishly
modern - light stuc-
co walls with dark
wood trim, plus
stone and bamboo
accents - suitable
fodder for an inter-
ior design magazine.
In addition to the
large wooden counter
there are several
low tables with
cushion seating on
the polished wood
floor, plus a small
semi-private room
with tables seating
6-10. The crowd on a
recent night was a
diverse mix of
after-work business-
men, Shibuya girls,
thirty-ish couples
and small groups. A
budget of around
Y5000 per person
should cover dinner
and drinks. (No
lunch on weekends.)
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Shibuya-ku, Shin-
sen 10-10. Open
11:30am-2, 6pm-2am
(-midnight Sat, Sun)
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