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Kathmandu Gangri/
Meguro: Nepalese
You know you're
destined for an out-
dining experience
the minute you walk
through the door at
Katmandu Ganguri.
The heady aromas of
exotic herbs and
spices wafting out
of the kitchen sum-
mon up images of
far-off lands, and
the atmospheric
Tibetan music on the
stereo completes the
picture. If you've
never had Nepalese
or Tibetan food
you'll be tempted to
give it a try, and
the prices here are
hard to resist -
set-price dinners go
for Y1100-2500, with
lunches starting at
Y700. Be forewarned
though - portion
sizes are more than
ample, so if you're
not in the mood for
a big meal you might
want to order a la

The choices are
broad, from soups
and light snacks
like garlic fried
chicken (Y800) and
fried noodles, to
house specials like
the intriguing
"Tibetan pizza"
(Himalayan Shyabhale
- Y700) and Tibetan
meatballs in hot
garlic sauce (Y800).
The 4-course "Nepali
set" (Y2000) in-
cludes a good sam-
pling of items from
the Nepalese side of
the menu, including
soup, momo dump-
lings, a stir-fry
and a curry.

The soup (Alu Tama)
is vaguely reminis-
cent of Chinese hot
and sour soup, but
thicker and more
richly spiced, made
with bamboo shoots
and potatoes and
garnished with some-
thing almost like
toasted peppercorns.
The momo are steamed
dumplings of well
seasoned pork,
wrapped in a thick,
chewy dough and
accompanied by seri-
ously hot chili
sauce. The stir-fry
is also spicy -
crispy chicken
strips with onions,
tomatoes, green
peppers and plenty
of garlic.

It's easy to work up
a sweat before the
curries even arrive,
and they continue
the overall theme -
richly spiced, gar-
licky, and satisfy-
ingly pyrotechnic -
although we did find
the chicken curry
too salty for our
tastes. Curry op-
tions also include
pork, prawn, vegeta-
ble, mushroom, pota-
to, spinach and
pumpkin. As you can
see there's plenty
to keep vegetarians
happy, and many of
the starters come in
vegetable versions
as well. (Plus
there's an all-vege-
tarian "healthy set"
for Y2000.)

Drinks include draft
Asahi beer (Y400),
refreshing lassi
(Y300), and wines
from Y1500/bottle
(for the Santa Hele-
na house wine from
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Meguro-ku, Shimo-
Meguro 1-2-22, B1F.
Open 11:30am-3,
5-10:30pm (LO)
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