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Akasaka: Swedish
If you've never
experienced the
pleasures of a real
Swedish smorgasbord,
this is the place to
indulge your curios-
ity. Stockholm has
been going strong
since the late
1960s, spending the
first 30 years or so
in the Sweden Center
in Roppongi, but now
conveniently located
just above Akasaka-
Mitsuke station.

The smorgasbord here
is awe-inspiring, so
come with a good
appetite - after all
these are the folks
who invented the
buffet. The tradi-
tional smorgasbord
experience consists
of five rounds (ac-
cording to Stock-
holm's explanation)
- 1) pickled her-
ring; 2) other cold
fish items; 3) cold
meats; 4) hot
dishes; and 5) des-
sert (if you still
have room). Stock-
holm offers plenty
of appetizing selec-
tions in each cate-
gory - four differ-
ent herrings, sever-
al smoked fish
items, lots of cold
meats, cheeses and

It's worth saving
some room for the
hot dishes, such as
the excellent gar-
licky meatballs
served with a not-
too-sweet fruit jam.
Other highlights
were the endive and
smoked trout canape,
the sliced beets,
and a creamy, almost
cheesy baked apple
pudding. Drinks
include domestic and
Scandinavian beers
and a selection of 8
aquavits (Y650 each)
- all quite differ-
ent, as our do-it-
yourself tasting
confirmed. Prices
for the buffet are
Y6090 for weekday
dinners, Y4179 for
weekend dinners and
Y3150 for lunch.
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Nearest restau-

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Chiyoda-ku, Naga-
tacho 2-14-3, Akasa-
ka Tokyu Plaza 1F.
Open 11:30am-2:
30, 5-11pm (LO 9:30-
10). Closed Sundays.

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