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Yotsuya: Japanese
We've tried our
share of beef tongue
- a culinary spe-
cialty of the Sendai
area - and this
unprentious Yotsuya
izakaya serves some
of the best that
we've ever had. It's
not exactly a secret
though - there's
almost always a line
outside, so call
ahead to reserve
your spot.

Shinobu's braised
tongue (yude-tan) in
particular is the
pride of the kitchen
and the shop's best
seller - incredibly
tender and richly
flavored, and per-
fectly complemented
by a small dab of
wasabi. The very
tender charcoal-
grilled tongue is
another standout -
served with excel-
lent pickled haku-
sai, it somehow
packs in more flavor
per bite than the
grilled tongue we've
tried at other

Tongue stew and a
few more tongue
variations round out
the small menu,
along with some nice
vegetable dishes
like stewed daikon
and broccoli ohita-
shi. Sake is limited
to one cold and one
hot variety, so beer
might be a better
choice. The atmos-
phere is lively and
service is friendly,
although seating,
especially in the
non-smoking counter
area, is rather
rudimentary. Budget
around Y5000-6000
for a full meal with
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Shinjuku-ku, Sa-
neicho 16. Open
5-10:30pm (LO).
Closed Sundays.
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