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Shinjuku: Asian
Spectacular "nou-
velle Japonaise"
cuisine in a stun-
ning modern setting.
Standout items on
the menu include
cold stuffed cabbage
kimchee with cashew
nuts, minced tuna
and Korean bean
paste (Y780), sau-
teed foie gras
served on lotus-root
cakes (Y1600), and
homemade Satsuma
pork sausages with a
fresh wasabi-mayon-
naise sauce.

There's also a large
a la carte sushi and
tempura selection,
with items like
scallop tempura with
green-tea salt (Y200
a piece). The wines
are nothing special,
but the house sake
is a very drinkable
Tsukasa-botan at
Y1000 a glass, and
there's a full cock-
tail menu. Plan on
spending Y5000-10,
000 per person for a
superb meal; reser-
vations are a must.
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Shinjuku-ku, Shin-
juku 3-37-12, Shin-
juku Nowa Bldg. 3F.
Open 5pm-midnight
(LO) daily.
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